Congratulations & Thank you!

8 Feb

I started my birth story blog posts, because a certain few people got me reminiscing on Twitter. This morning those same people cheered me up with a happy ending to their tales. I got all excited and wrote this:

I started today, all tired and grumpy,

I tried to make a cake, but it looked all lumpy,

The TV wouldn’t work & I didn’t have a clue,

RuralSgt was in bed, I needed him, he’s the glue.


Then in one little moment, things turned around,

A baby was born, a Twitter cheer was the sound,

This week started off with two couples – a journey to endeavour,

By Wednesday, they were parents – life enhanced for forever!


I can’t help but feel their excitement & joy,

At their news, the arrivals of their little boy,

So Looby, Badman, Bishy & Kate,

Thanks for sharing with us, your wonderful fate,


I’m happy, I’m excited and I’m filled with cheer,

Twitter you’re amazing & I’m so glad you’re here!



One Response to “Congratulations & Thank you!”

  1. DIPS February 8, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    Fabulous xx

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