My Birth Stories: No.2

4 Feb

After being told that I wouldn’t conceive for a couple more years yet, this had come as such a welcome surprise. I knew how lucky we were and decided I wanted full control. I wasn’t going to be pushed aside like last time, this would be different. I couldn’t have been happier as the time approached. I had been diagnosed as borderline gestational diabetic (That had been suspected after rural Teens arrival) but this time I was in control. I had been monitored very closely and given loads of advice on how to go forward. I hoped baby would be early, but didn’t really expect that. Rural Teen had been induced at 42 weeks, so I thought this one may be late. I was keeping fit and busy in the hope of starting things off. We had been going for brisk mile long walks most evenings, as it was summer and really pleasant to be out. Rural Teen would play football on the sports field and I would walk round and round as swiftly as I could. About a week before my due date, I felt rather fit indeed, I clearly had a moment of insanity and decided to join in playing football! Five minutes into it, I took an amazing shot – now this is not me bigging myself up, this is as @RuralSgt describes it! Unfortunately that shot ‘bent like Beckham’ and smacked Rural Teen (8 yrs old) straight in the face! The poor lad went flying and that was the end of my football career.

My due date fell on Fathers Day. We all know that babies rarely come on their due date so I went with the safe bet and planned a fab day out for RuralSgt. We were taking him to a banger racing track which had loads of other entertainment too. A proper boys day. As with most heavily pregnant ladies, I didn’t sleep well. I, generally, woke every hour in agony, struggled to get to the toilet and back again. The routine continued but I was kinda use to it. It was Thursday night, the Fathers Day treat had been all booked for Sunday and I drifted into an uncomfortable sleep.

I woke with a bit of a start. Without having time to process my thoughts, I found myself leaping out of bed and ‘rushing’ to the toilet again. On my way there I realised, with great horror, that I thought I was wetting myself! By the time I reached the toilet I started to wake up and realised that I had heard this story somewhere else. Events were following the same line of RuralSgt’s cousin just 2wks before. I had woken with a start as my waters had just broken. I filled with excitement and called RuralSgt.

30 mins later we were dropping Rural Teen off at my parents house, I was rather devastated as I had to take a gigantic towel with me. Every time I stood up more and more waters gushed out! This was not ladylike at all!! It was very early on Friday morning when I arrived at the hospital and was checked over. We waited several hours. I was contracting but it was very early days and irregular so they sent me home.

I was slightly mortified that I had to go home, but we got on with it. I decided it would be a good time to stock up on snacks and reading material to take to the hospital. I checked all my things over and went walking. We walked and walked. My contractions got stronger and things were looking good. I knew I wanted to try a water birth. After all, I wanted to remain in control this time. My waters had gone and that was all the hope I needed, to know that I could do this. It was already so different to last time, it wasn’t even my due date, and no induction, for a start! So I continued doing everything I could.  We went back to the hospital when things progressed…again we were sent home. I was only 2cm dilated.

That evening my mother in law came to see me. Things really cranked up a bit and we started timing my contractions. I had walked for miles that afternoon. In fact, I walked until every step hurt. I was doubled over with contractions and they were coming every 4-5 minutes. After my mother in law left, I was ready to call the hospital again. Then everything stopped.

I started to become really deflated. I kept reading my birthing plan and running through everything with RuralSgt. I was trying to remain so positive, but inside I knew this wasn’t progressing properly.

The next day I was back at the hospital to be checked. Still no further, so they gave me something to induce it more. Again this didn’t help. I have lost track of the timings but it had been longer than 2 whole days.(50+ hours)  It was lunchtime on a Sunday and the hospital staff came to talk to me. They told me that I seriously needed to consider a c-section. I was deflated. I wanted to do this properly, I wanted to be able to do what all the other women did. It wasn’t to be and a few hours later I was being taken down to theatre. 

Then came the epidural.


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