My Birth Stories – No.2 continued…

4 Feb

Then came the epidural….

I had my concerns because of the nightmare last time, but I thought that was a one-off. I told them of my concerns, but they said I should be fine. It did work this time, thank goodness! I was numb, but I felt so sick, and I shook all over again. Not a little bit either, it felt like I was violently shaking. then my breathing went very shallow. I just couldn’t take a breath properly. It was scary all over again. I cried my way through it.

For some reason RuralSgt decided he was very interested in what was going on at the business end of things. He started telling me, in his amazed voice, about the various tools they were using. The main one I remember him talking about was a ‘fish slice’! Apparently they were using this to lift my organs out as they worked! I’m not sure I wanted to hear this but he did kinda make me giggle inside and gave me a smile – somehow!

Then I knew baby was coming. I felt that massive pressure you get as they pull baby out. It feels like a truck has landed on your stomach! Again, nothing else mattered I could hear my baby. I had asked for RuralSgt to tell me what we had, for some crazy reason, at the point baby came out, he then asked me if I wanted to know…as if I wouldn’t want to?

We had another beautiful baby boy. They lifted him over to show me. Now, any medical staff who would ever be involved in this process please listen: Ladies laying flat on an operating table, whilst sliced open and numb, have very little room for manoeuvre. They are at a totally different angle to you and can’t see their babies. I got to see all his genitalia in full, as well as his legs but nothing of his face!

Our baby was sent off with Daddy to the recovery room. This time weighing in at a healthy 8lb 6oz. I had to remain on the operating table for longer. I had some bad scarring, which had attached to my bladder and womb from the rushed job on No.1 arriving, plus the actual ‘slices’ were quite messed up first time round. This all needed to be sorted before I could be stitched up. I didn’t care, my baby was here and it was his due date, and even better, it was fathers day – We didn’t make it banger racing, but what better present could there have been?

I took a long time in recovery, I felt awful from the epidural. Little Rural Teen came in to see us, I remember feeling so poorly yet his face lit up the room as he came in. We had decided that he should be first to know about baby and that he would be the one to come in, find out what sex baby was and then tell the Grandparents. He literally ran in the room, where baby was wrapped all in white and shouted “I knew it, I really wanted a brother!” Thank goodness it actually was a boy! Seeing my boys together and watching the 3 of them cuddling up, was everything I needed to get better quick, I was such a lucky Mummy.


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