Becoming Mum

25 Jan
I was sat in the hospital, alone for the first time that day, and scared stiff. It had been a long day, I had been induced at 0800hrs and it was now teatime. I had been starving and requested a McDonalds….it was on it’s way and I suddenly felt sick as a pig. I was 42wks pregnant and although I had been having contractions on and off for 3wks, nothing much was happening. I couldn’t get any bigger if I tried and I didn’t know how all this worked. For weeks I had been telling the midwives that it felt like my baby was stuck, wedged against one side of my pelvis. I was a small frame before I fell pregnant and my baby was clearly anything but small. I just knew that he had no room whatsoever in there. The pain and discomfort was horrible and my skin was torn to shreds. Why wouldn’t anyone listen to me? I did what I was told and waited…and waited… No help was offered and no advice. Being my first one, I didn’t understand my options, or that I could have more of a voice. I had taken 2 lots of tablets to induce labour and things were starting to crank up. A
Midwife came to check on me, suddenly I felt overwhelmed with fear of the unknown and a little of the pain I was about to embark on. I burst into tears. Midwifery is usually a caring profession, not in this case. The midwife took the ‘no nonsense’ attitude, gave me some paracetamol and told me I had better get a grip as I was going to experience a hell of a lot more pain yet.
My dinner arrived. At the same time my bedside phone rang. I answered the call and my waters broke mid chat! When I say broke, I had one massive contraction and they burst in a massive gush! I felt mortified. I couldn’t eat for feeling sick and I couldn’t stop apologising to the staff  cleaning up the mess! Luckily this was a turning point for me. My loved ones were giggling at the situation and lifted my spirits. I knew this was it, baby was on his way.

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