Christmas is different now…

4 Dec

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Christmas is different now. There’s a little person involved. Even though he’ll be 22 weeks old when Santa drops down the chimney it’s still magical. It’s exciting. And it’s all about him. How do you plan for your first Christmas as parents? Is there a rule book? Some guidelines? A policy? No? But most things we do day to day have at least one of those things. That aside, I’m excited. Unbelievably so. For the unknown. For the happiness. For the undoubted chaos it will cause to our home. And at the prospect of having my first Christmas as a new family.
Due to the creative balance in our relationship Mrs Sausage has been designated as Baby’s First Christmas SPOC (Single Point OF Contact). All queries, present ideas, social events and anything else are run through her for approval.
In preparation she has come up with the best idea, which I’ll let her explain…
Baby’s Firsts are everywhere and as a first time mum I feel the need to make these memorable beyond all doubt. I don’t need to make them ‘special’ because every moment I share with Thomas is special and cherished in ways that I never imagined possible.
I cannot take responsibility for the initial idea of a sock advent calendar made entirely of babies’ socks. I owe that idea to a very lovely friend.
As Thomas is too young for chocolate and I wanted something with longevity; that could be used in years to come, not thrown away with the wrapping paper, I decided to put a Christmas tree decoration in each sock, which on a daily basis could be put on a tree bought for Thomas; and hopefully grow with him and any other children we may be blessed with.

Babies First Christmas = The First of our Family Traditions

Author: @Treesausage & Mrs Sausage


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