24 sleeps to go…

1 Dec


With 24 sleeps to go, I introduce MrsElizabethB with a fantastic Advent Countdown: Please leave her comments or Tweet her and let her know what you think. Folow her progress this month, on Twitter with the hashtag: #MrsBsAdvent

Advent countdown, Mrs B style


When I was little, we had the same advent calendar year on year – Mum just pushed the doors shut and put it in the decoration box after Christmas was over and it came out again the following December. There were no chocolates, little treats or even any surprises (I knew which picture was behind every door) in our house in December.


When I had my own baby, I was determined that he would have surprises, but didn’t want him to have chocolate. Everyone else had a different idea so by the time I had the second one, we’d get calendars from both sets of Grandparents and the inevitable scoffing of all the chocolates by 3rd December.


Then last year, I started working as a Jamie at Home rep and in my Christmas kit was a gorgeous advent calendar, just little numbered pockets and I realised that it was my sign to start making more of an effort to countdown Christmas. It came out with me to my Jamie parties until the end of November, but after that, it was hung on the mantelpiece and filled with activities for us to do every day in the run up to Christmas. Here are some of the ideas


  • Watch “Elf” and eat Spaghetti with Maple Syrup
  • Go to a Christmas lights switch on
  • Make snowflakes for the windows
  • Make chocolate truffles for teachers (recipe to follow if MrsRuralSgt wants to publish it)
  • Decorate the Christmas trees
  • Make Christmas biscuits
  • Learn a new Christmas song
  • Make sweetie wreaths (tie Quality Streets together on ribbon)
  • Make star topped mince pies
  • Record a Christmas Song/Elf Yourself
  • Make a chocolate Yule Log
  • Go ice skating
  • Have a festive tea party
  • Leave out a magic key for Father Christmas (we have no chimney, so he has to get in somehow)
  • Roast some chestnuts
  • Make reindeer food
  • Go to the woods to find things to spray gold
  • Write to Father Christmas
  • Make a salt dough crib


Etc. Etc.


If you are a SAHM, then be brave and put them in randomly.. but if like me you and Daddy work, then the timing of activities has to be planned and some thought put in to the placement of the activities. We also have the Little One’s birthday to fit in somewhere too, so it can get very very busy, but careful planning of the baking in advance means that I’m not preparing tea parties alone and because it’s in the calendar, the boys both insist on helping!


Have an amazing Advent and a very happy Christmas with love from


MrsElizabethB and HafdandaBlack

(Tomorrow I will post the recipe for the truffles and a fantastic bauble picture!)


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