Team Rural Blog Advent

30 Nov

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

 I lay still in my bed desperately trying not to make a single sound with my breath. I had opened my bedroom curtains & I was staring at the stars above. They twinkled so brightly and I waited, for what seemed like hours. It was my ‘shift’. My sister & I were taking it in turns, whilst the other slept. Then suddenly, I gasped & a warm fuzzy feeling rushed through my chest…was that him? Did I hear it? Yes, yes I’m sure I did….I heard the sleigh bells, Santa was flying through the sky!


I was lucky, I had a really good childhood where Christmas felt magical every year. I have always loved buying gifts for people & watching the special people in my life open them & smile. Every Christmas eve I would stare out of my bedroom window, watching the stars & hoping to catch a glimpse of Father Christmas on his sleigh. I’m pretty sure I heard the sleigh bells every year! I would lay awake in bed excited, yet trying so hard to get to sleep so that morning would arrive. Obviously, as a child, I was excited about the presents. But I can honestly say that the best bit for me was the spirit of the whole thing. The smiles on everyone’s faces, the cheesy Christmas music, waiting to see who got ‘Christmas number 1’, the films, decorating the tree, making paper chains, the nativity, church services, buying gifts, wrapping them pretty, putting them under the tree, making mince pies, listening to my mum trying to work out how on earth the turkey would fit in the oven…and SO much more!

 For me, Christmas represents such a happy time. I spent large chunks of my childhood in Germany, and trust me they knew how to do Christmas. We nearly ways had snow, proper snow and the real german markets were amazing. We would be freezing cold yet clinging on to our Glühwein for warmth!

I know that not everyone was as lucky as me. Christmas doesn’t represent good memories for all. I’ve heard many adults complain of hating Christmas & it bringing up bad memories or meaning nothing. To me, this is even more reason to enjoy it. To stop the cycle of a negative experience. Every child in the land deserves to have a little Christmas sparkle each year and I see nothing wrong with us helping that happen.

 I do get excited & I know it can be perceived as silly, but my children love Christmas. They are getting they same wonderful memories that I did, and we’ll, happily, go that extra mile to make sure that continues to happen. Nothing makes them happier than to put in the same Christmas cd every year, then dance & sing their hearts out whilst wearing Santa hats and getting the decorations down. Even Rural Teen does that, in fact, it’s him that instigates it very often!

 I try and hold my excitement off for a bit. I would be devastated if I had lost the magic before Christmas even arrived. I buy presents quite early, but that’s simply a budgeting issue. I think about it lots & a talk about it a fair bit, but I hold off doing most things until it’s December. Then I like to have lots and lots of festive fun! I thought it might be nice to blog about some of this, and to also try and explain that I’m not totally crazy.

 I talk to a lovely group of ‘coppers wife’s on twitter, one of which told me about a great idea. She does her own family advent calendar. I then thought that it might be nice to invite some of the wives, partners, cops & a few others to add to this ‘blog advent’. I figure, between us, we’ll have some good stories, activity ideas, recipes and more! I’m going to post a different ‘blog post’ each day,  Mrs Elizabeth B is up first with a great activity and I’ll post it tomorrow!

Tonight, I’m gong to bed with an air of excitement. Sounds silly from an adult, wife & mother of three, but tomorrow is the day that I can ‘officially’ start enjoying the festive season!

 Christmas, seemingly, appears in the shops earlier & earlier each year. This drives many of us a little mad with frustration, yet for others it can’t come soon enough. Whatever our thoughts about Christmas, we can’t deny that it can be a magical time for children. As Christmas is so important in Ruralville, I wanted to share some of it on my blog. Please join me each day as we countdown to Christmas with a whole host of things for you to read, share and do.




One Response to “Team Rural Blog Advent”

  1. MrsElizabethB November 30, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    Looking forward to reading all the posts! xx

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